The Ultimate Writer’s Guide to Great Productivity by Tim Grahl

Taipei Writers Group

A while ago, I subscribed to updates from Tim Grahl (founder of Out:think, “a firm that works with authors to build their platform and sell more books”). A few of his ideas have really resonated with me, and I especially appreciate this latest post where he shares a clearly-written plan for increasing productivity, whilst cherishing family, work, and fitness.

A friendly reminder - Photo by K A Brown A friendly reminder – Photo by K A Brown

Grahl has included some free templates with the post. You need to provide an email address to get the download.

My personal takeaway from this online guide is:

-Don’t sit down in front of the computer without a clear plan of what I want to achieve.
-Plan writing goals longer-term.
-Stop reading material on questionably-relevant topics.
-Buy an alarm clock and start using it!

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