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I love technology. I was an “early adopter” growing up, getting an Amiga 2000 and a CD player way before anyone else on my street. I excelled in Computer Studies and Secretarial Studies, mastering both the BBC Archimedes and the Brother Electric Typewriter. I ran an online business for seven years and have been offering IT support to teachers for the past few months. So, it is only natural I would gravitate toward a tablet for my creative needs, and seeing fellow writers in the group tapping out words even as we went through our real live meetings cemented the idea in my head. I needed a tablet. It would inspire me, speed up my creative process, take scraps of paper out of my life, and make me kinder to the planet.

Here it is. My tablet. It’s beautiful. It feels good in my hands.

The prettiest thing I own - why doesn't it work for me? The prettiest thing I own…

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